Studies in Perception IV

Studies in Perception IV: Julie Martin

This portrait of Julie Martin, Director of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), was created in 2022 by Ken Knowlton and Jim Boulton. It was made with a reconstruction of the algorithm Knowlton and Leon Harmon used to create the 1966 artwork Studies in Perception I, also known as Computer Nude.

Computer Nude was displayed at a press conference for E.A.T., held in October 1967 at Robert Rauschenberg’s Lafayette Street studio.

© Ken Knowlton 2022. Minted on the occasion of Rhizome’s 2022 benefit. Custom contract by Iain Nash.

Any buyer(s) of this NFT acknowledges and agrees that the rendered output image, non-generic input symbols and algorithm are the intellectual property of Ken Knowlton. The buyer shall have a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to publicly display the rendered output image and on-chain data of this NFT. Any buyer(s) of the NFT further acknowledges and agrees that Ken Knowlton owns certain Intellectual Property rights related to the Knowlton & Harmon Computer Nude (the image, non-generic symbols, and algorithm) and that Ken Knowlton is not transferring any such rights to the buyer(s) of the NFT.



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