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by now

you are bidding on an exclusive 1/1 NFT of my new single, BY NOW, AND an option to redeem a % of master recording ownership.

ALL DETAILS HERE --> veriteofficial.com for questions, email --> veriteemail@gmail.com

community ownership is the future xx



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0x3280...3469 removed their offer
0x1A4b...85fC removed their offer
May 18, 10:53 PM
0xb173...8B5C removed their offer
April 23, 4:30 PM
0x007E...C6c9 removed their offer
April 09, 4:50 PM
0x5B93...62c5 removed their offer
April 09, 1:53 AM
0x6C70...a605 removed their offer
April 09, 12:44 AM
0xf340...11f3 removed their offer
April 09, 12:22 AM
0x61f0...B213 had their offer accepted
April 09, 12:13 AM
0x61f0...B213 removed their asking price
April 09, 12:13 AM

NFT Details

Contract Address0xabEF...cac7 β†—
Token ID2720
IPFS Metadata↗
Etherscan Transaction↗
Resale Royalty15%
Refresh Metadata25 days ago
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