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Log 2: Godina's Message

A second log recording from Cat & Alpha comes through from an undisclosed location on Elektra, as they discover a second Capsule and receive a divine message from Godina.



0x7761...2D40 transferred to 0xe63C...A80C
August 08, 10:23 PM
0x7761...2D40 won the auction
August 08, 7:48 PM
0xe63C...A80C removed their asking price
August 08, 7:48 PM
0x7761...2D40 placed a bid
August 07, 5:53 AM
0xfC48...975f listed their NFT
August 04, 8:26 PM
0xe63C...A80C removed their asking price
August 04, 8:26 PM
0xfC48...975f minted this NFT
August 04, 6:44 PM

NFT Details

Contract Address0xabEF...cac7
Token ID4280
IPFS Metadata
Etherscan Transaction
Refresh Metadata8 days ago
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