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Twinkie Doge

This is the original Twinkie Doge, an early doge derivative created in May 2013 by Ryan Hell. (That’s me.) Soon after posting to my personal social media all those years ago, Twinkie Doge spread across the net, earning it’s own Comic Sans text treatment, occasionally generating illicit profit for meme-thieves on sites like Redbubble, and eventually making its way (in the form of a further derivative, of course) to the top of the “10 Most Iconic Doge Memes” list this April— at least according to Exodus’s Samuel Sherwood. (He’s not wrong.)

This is your chance to own a 1/1 part of Doge history while supporting the original creator in the process. Thanks!



0x2466...1A7F transferred to 0x6B9E...FEaC
0x2466...1A7F won the auction
October 02, 8:18 AM
0x6B9E...FEaC removed their asking price
October 02, 8:18 AM
0x2466...1A7F placed a bid
October 01, 7:34 AM
0x0745...Ffdd listed their NFT
September 13, 11:03 PM
0x6B9E...FEaC removed their asking price
September 13, 11:03 PM
0x0745...Ffdd minted this NFT
September 13, 10:57 PM

NFT Details

Contract Address0xabEF...cac7
Token ID4833
IPFS Metadata
Etherscan Transaction
Refresh Metadata24 days ago
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