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The World of Wishes

Isaac is a rebel against the tyrannical Black Sorceress who killed his parents before him. Clarissa is her loyal servant, gratifying her every whim. When a chance mistake at their final battle crushes their world, they find themselves faced with a new, absolute tyranny. Together with Erik, a young soldier, can they topple the World of Wishes, or will they, too, fall prey to its seductions?

In the World of Wishes, anything you wish is yours.


This is the raw manuscript of my novel, which I do believe is the first cryptomedia novel ever made. But you can get a nicer-formatted version through these links down here:

Buy a copy: https://books2read.com/wow1 Get a free copy (no, really): https://storyoriginapp.com/directdownloads/977e7753-9b66-453d-a47b-1f8f153abcae



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