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Jacinth - Ancient Something

Jacinth Ancient Something Zora

Jacinth (Artist) - Ancient Something (Track Title):

An epilogue born out of frustration and emotional destiny to express dialogue, deprived of speaking-in-tongues. Travelling into space, reassembling a monolithic tool, Jacinth designs emotion through the translational medium. Newcomer, diving head first into production with a shape shifting approach, expressing a versatile set of influences— but nonetheless limited to breaks, ambient and techno.

Perpetual Care (label):

Perpetual Care is a record label based in Toronto, connected through a worldwide network.

By curiosity in nature surrounding death & faith, the label offers a service for the digital afterlife, re-defining “tangibility,” through disparate music configurations. With a holistic approach to music; visceral & intellectual, the label is built on sculpting modern day artifacts.

Conceived by industrial music, the sonic spectrum veers deeper from the underground, undefined by breaks, new age, techno, ambient, dnb and left-field pop — embellishing exciting methods to challenge the mainstream ideology. 

For more information please visit: http://perpetualcare.club

The owner of this NFT will receive:

  • The video/audio file (.mp4 format)
  • A download of the track (.wav / .mp3 format)
  • The original After Effects file ( .aep format), and have full access to re-use the video in any shape or form, with the permission/agreement from the Artist (Jacinth) and Label (Perpetual Care)

Track Credits:

  1. Jacinth - Ancient Something

Recorded, Mixed and produced by: Jacinth Lattiboudeaire Mastered by: Kevin Mcphee at East End Studios Creative Direction & Design by: Joel Eel

Released September 16, 2021



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