Freedom Realized

Edward Snowden and Robert Tibbo, Moscow (2015/16)

This artwork combines a unique sequence of photographs of American Whistleblower Edward Snowden and his Lawyer at that time, Robert Tibbo, culminating in Edward Snowden’s signature declaring "Stay Free" to Mr. Tibbo.

Never published, nor even shown publicly, these historic photographs were taken after Edward Snowden’s disclosures exposing the National Security Agency and the Five‐Eyes countries’ illegal global electronic mass surveillance programs.

Protect those who protect whistleblowers: In 2013, and for many years thereafter, Mr. Tibbo represented Edward Snowden and the seven Hong Kong based refugees who saved him. Of these 7 refugees, 6 are now resettled, safe, and free in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But one remains in limbo in Hong Kong, Sri Lankan Ajith Pushpa Kumara, who is not free and is at risk. He awaits Immigration Canada’s pending decision on his refugee application.

If not for decisions of conscience and the actions taken by these refugee clients of Mr. Tibbo in Hong Kong in 2013, Edward Snowden would not be free today.

In recognition, a minimum of 10% of the auction proceeds will be donated to two Montreal, Canada based non‐profits providing humanitarian assistance to those refugees who protected and saved Mr. Snowden’s life in Hong Kong, allowing him to “Stay Free”. The Non-profits are:-

Help Vanessa and Keana (https://helpvanessa.com)

Help Ajith (https://helpajith.com)

© Robert Tibbo (Artwork created and photographs taken by Mr. Robert Tibbo).



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