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Flow Space

'Flow Space', 2021

'Flow Space', designed in collaboration with Tara Moves, connects Nymphaea's visual arts background with the musical expansion of her practice, celebrating her first single, titled Can't Be There For You, with a scene inspired by her painting of a memory of Egypt mixed with her daydreams and textured with her collage photography.

The Story: Amina El Kabbany, Nymphaea, visited her family in Egypt for the first time in 2015. She was blown away to walk into what was seemingly a daydream, a cinematic view of a bay window looking out at The Pyramids of Giza, a place she'd dreamt of all her life. Could this be, this was her blood relatives' reality? Day after day waking up to the most surreal sunset over the pyramids, night after night watching the midnight blue sky fall over them; it felt like a liminal space that could only exist in dreams. Ever since that first visit, Amina has envisioned this space in the astrals and in meditation.

She took many photos on that trip and another in 2019. From there, Amina composited them into a digital collage- which then became a painting that same year. Flow space was iterated upon again in Spring of 2021, eventually evolving into this audio visual offering here, for you.

Allow flow space to transport you to the place you go when you're in flow, surrender to the waters of your inner realm. Special thanks to the incredible artists who collaborated to bring Flow Space to life as well as Nymphaea's first single, Can't Be There For You feat. Iamhill, released in August 2021 and featured in this audio visual offering.

Creative Credits for Can't Be There For You: Amina El Kabbany, Nymphaea - Vocals and songwriting Thomas Jordan - Production and songwriting Brenna MacQuarrie, Iamhill - Production and vocals Talia Poydras, Tommie Phoenix - Mixing Lien Do, Leviathe - Mastering

Creative Credits for Flow Space: Amina El Kabbany, Nymphaea - Creative Direction, Vision Keeping Tara Moves - 3D Design and Animation



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