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Elena [Chapter One]

Elena (2022) Metaphysic Fantasy/Drama

Chapter One Elena wakes up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere; surrounded by mystical books and plants an older woman presents herself to remind her of what she has forgotten.

Starring María Cecilia Botero Carolina Ribon

Written and Directed by Luis Enrique Vanegas Obando [Filmfreako]

Cinematography by Camilo Buitrago Gil

Production Design by María Paula Cárdenas

Produced by Luis Alejandro Villalobos

Music and Sound Design by Carlos Andrés Vanegas Obando

VFX Artist Roberto Montoya

Gaffer Andrés Quintero

Art Assistant Camilo Alejandro Ramírez

Actors Preparation Diana Carolina Chavarriaga Rodríguez

With the Support of Liliana López

Editing, Color Correction & Additional VFX by Luis Enrique Vanegas Obando

This is the first of three pieces that make a 18 minutes NFT Short Film

An NFT Film by Vox In



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