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Crypto: The Game completes Season 01 of new internet reality show

Crypto: The Game is an internet-native reality show inspired by Survivor. In the first season, players competed in various challenges over 10 days with the ultimate victor claiming a prize of 40.1 ETH (approximately $100,000 USD).

Crypto: The Game invites contestants to engage in a battle of wits, strategy, and classic arcade games. With an entry fee of 0.1 ETH, participants are assigned to tribes, facing daily immunity challenges that range from Pac-Man games, to scavenger hunts. The stakes are high, tribes compete for immunity during the day and then vote their own members out each night. The game's structure led to a thrilling finale, with 21 finalists emerging from an original cohort of 410 players. Just like Survivor, those eliminated became the judges—determining the final winner.

The winnings went to a pseudonymous player from Japan named MFL who won through unexpected tactics: writing wholesome poems, and being helpful and kind to everyone in the game—all using Google Translate.

The response to Crypto: The Game has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants describing it as the most entertaining and connective experience they've ever had online. The Game captured the attention of Crypto Twitter, with many describing the experience as a full timeline takeover.

This journey is far from over. The team says that Season 2 is on the way...